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During AD 52 St.Thomas came to Kerala to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. Hearing the good news, people from different religions of Kerala, willingly accepted Christianity. Among those who accepted Christianity, were the famous illams namely (Kalli, Kaliangari, Sangeri, Thattil, Tharayil ...)

The origin of our family started with one of the army Chief of The King of Kochi. He was killed in a battle with Zamorin of Kozhikode at a place called Enamavu in Thrissur. As a mark of respect and memory of this great warrior, King promised to construct a church, where his body is buried. Accordingly, his body was buried in Pazhuvil in Thrissur and a church was constructed there.

Subsequently, new families, belonging to Thattil group of families migrated to Mapranam near Irinjalakuda. In their search for fertile land and plentiness of water, and proximity to the main throughfare, they embarked in a place called Varakkara. Since, these people belonging to Thattil family to have come from a place called Mapranam, they came to be called as “Thattil Mapranathukaran” family. This family branched itself during the generations and we are a part of descendants of a huge family tree of Thattil Mapranathukaran. This tree consists of more than 200 families on date.

With proud and humility, we wish to declare that Thattil Mapranathukaran family is blessed with 5 priests, 21 nuns, to spiritually guide the families and the society as a whole. The remarkable contribution of the Thattil Mapranathukaran family towards the construction of Pallikkunnu Church is a known fact. The order(Theettooram) issued by the King of Kochi to construct a church at Pallikkunnu was obtained in the name of our forefather Mr. Kunjuvareed. He was also the first Manager of the school (Pallikkodam) which was built along with the church.

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